nswtopo: maps for print and screen

Larapinta Trail Map

West MacDonnell Ranges and the Larapinta Trail is a four-part topographic trail map for Central Australia’s iconic Larapinta Trail.

Digital maps are great, but there’s nothing like a fold-out paper map for observing the lay of the land. The West MacDonnell Ranges and the Larapinta Trail map is just what you need when you’re taking on this epic 230 km trail. Features include:

Budawangs Trail Map

The Budawangs: A Bushwalker’s Guide is a comprehensive, two-part topographic trail map for the Budawang Wilderness in the south-east of New South Wales.

The Budawangs stands as one of Australia’s most spectacular and distinctive wilderness areas. Using modern elevation, vegetation and trail data, The Budawangs finally delivers a map of quality and accuracy befitting this renowned bushwalking destination. Key features include:

Digital Topographic Maps

We provide a large selection of cheap digital topographic maps for most Australian states. These maps are easy to purchase and use on any iPhone or Android device, using the Avenza Maps app. Maps reside on your device and work without an internet connection.

Find and install the topographic maps you need using the index map below.

Cartographic Software

Our maps are made using in-house, open-source cartographic software. Read more about the software at the nswtopo GitHub page.

About Us

I’m a self-taught cartographer with a love of maps and the landscapes they represent. I’m also a programmer, and found that these two areas have a fascinating intersection in the field of geospatial software.

I first developed map-making software for the navigational sport of rogaining. While improving the software, I began creating statewide topographic map series for use with smartphones. I’ve now diversified into printed maps—a more traditional pursuit which benefits greatly from modern tools and data.

In my printed maps, I aim to provide an optimal balance of detail and coverage, with no space wasted and an eye to aesthetics. I hope they’ll be a great addition to your kit.